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Dutch Government

The main outlines of government policy are set down in the coalition agreement and the government statement of policy on taking office. The government presents its plans for the coming year at the state opening of parliament on the third Tuesday in September ('Prinsjesdag').

Coalition agreement
When a new government is being formed, the parties who are going to take part in the coalition agree on the policies that will be pursued for the next four years. These plans and the principles on which the policies are based are set down in the coalition agreement.

Policy statement
This is the statement delivered by the Prime Minister to the House of Representatives of the States General presenting the new government and outlining the main plans for the next four years. Jan Peter Balkenende delivered his government's statement of policy on 11 June 2003.

Budget and Speech from the Throne
Every year, on the third Tuesday in September, the government presents its budget and the Queen delivers the Speech from the Throne, outlining the government's policy plans for the coming year.