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Association FME-CWM

The Association FME-CWM brings together more than 3,000 companies in the metal, plastics, electronics and electrotechnical industry and related sectors. That makes FME-CWM the largest industrial employers and business organization in the Netherlands. It promotes the social, economic and technical interests of its members. This holds for both the common interests of the member companies as well as the interests of the sector organizations affiliated with FME-CWM and the interests of individual members. Within this framework the association offers a broad scale of services. 160 industry organizations, secretariats and platforms are joined in FME-CWM.

Member companies
The member companies affiliated with FME-CWM offer full-time work to 275,000 and temporary work to 60,000 employees. The member companies have a joint turnover of EUR 50 billion , of which 60% is exported.

Regional offices
In addition to its main office in Zoetermeer, FME-CWM has five regional offices: in Haren (Groningen), Apeldoorn, Uithoorn, Barendrecht and Tilburg. The office in Tilburg also has a branch in Roermond. There is a telephone Help desk in each regional office (0900 - 821 21 91) where member companies can receive assistance with questions or can get into contact with regional business advisors or specialists in Zoetermeer for advice, support and answers to questions.

MOD and Inkoopcontact
The FME-CWM Association has placed a number of activities under separate legal entities. MOD Management Support for the Metalectro Industry is a foundation that offers organizational advice and provides temporary management, in particular in the areas of personnel and organization as well as offers instruction and management training. The Purchasing Contact Association (Vereniging Inkoopcontact) brings together companies for joint purchasing of services and products so as to obtain discounts.

Industry organizations
160 industry organizations and secretariats are united in the Association FME-CWM . They bring together companies, whether they are members of FME-CWM or not, that make similar products, are active in the same market or have other common interests.

(Inter)national spokesperson
FME-CWM is represented in numerous national and international agencies and bodies to promote the interests of its members. The association is affiliated with VNO-NCW and has close ties to ministries and other government agencies. On the international level, FME-CWM and its branches and groups also act as the mouthpiece for the Dutch metalectro industry. For social matters in the West European Metal Trades Employers' Organisation (WEM) for example, and for economic matters in the Organisme de Liaison des Industries Métalliques Européennes (ORGALIME). Both of these organizations in turn have contacts with EC authorities.