Dutch Industry - The industrial information website


The Industrial information website is a business-to-business information website of a selective group
of industrial companies in The Netherlands.
There is additional information about organizations, institutes of knowledge and governmental organizations in The Netherlands.
By browsing through the categories or by searching using the internal search engine, you can easily find detailed information on any of the companies listed here.

Mission statement

  • To realize a high ranking position in the most popular search engines, e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • To improve of the exposure of the main webpages of the listed companies and organizations on the internet.
  • To promote the Dutch export in the worldwide market.
  • To contribute of improving and expanding the (inter)national business-to-business network.

Free services
 concept of the idea The industrial information website is not a searchengine, but it shows the highlights of Dutch and foreign companies / organizations in The Netherlands. Each company information webpage has been reviewed by an editor. Publication of company / organization information (in one category) is free of charge.

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